If your dog gets bored while you’re gone to work, or maybe from just hanging around the house, add some interest to his life with canine brainteaser toys. These toys will keep him busy, amused and out of trouble. Some of them will even give him a little snack.

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This is an amazing gorgeous dog, here we can see how they can have fun, so grab your electric plane and make your dog RUN all over the runway!!!!

Using a stuffed Kong is a great way to keep your dog busy while you’re at work. Put your stuffed Kong in the freezer overnight and give it to your dog in the morning as you’re leaving. A frozen Kong will last 30+ minutes for most dogs – much longer if your fill it completely.

Bored Dog? Easy Ways to Keep Him Busy and happy. advertisement. bored dog? easy Ways to Keep Him Busy and Happy. a more normal life for dogs would involve spending the majority of the day seeking out food or performing a job such as herding, helping us hunt, watching over livestock or ridding.

Each box includes two dog-approved toys, two bags of treats, and a chew, which are sure to keep your dog busy and happy. And on the off-chance that your dog doesn’t love one of the toys or treats in your box, just contact the dog-loving BarkBox customer service team!

Pilot is a mudi (a Hungarian herding dog). Whiskey is an agri-beagle mix. Branston, a Bernese mountain dog. They are a few of the canines patrolling vancouver International Airport, keeping passengers.

The Best Dog Herding Balls. In competitive Treibball, dogs actually use soft exercise balls. We don’t recommend those for beginner use, since they’re so easy to pop. Instead, let’s focus on virtually indestructible herding balls that will keep your dog busy without falling apart. 1. Jolly Pets Push-n-Play

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Agility. The organised canine sport of agility is well suited to all types of herding dog breeds, and you might want to consider joining a local agility club or group to learn more and get use of their equipment. However, if you just want to see what your dog can do and have a bit of fun on your own with them,