There are two types of harnesses, and you put them on in a different way. Continue reading to learn how to put on a dog harness and why it’s so important to do it correctly. Why Should You Know How to Put a Dog Harness On. A dog harness is a great item that can help you in walking, running and hiking with your pup. It’s one of the best.

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Do you have a hard time putting the harness on your dog? Watch this short tutorial to learn how to do it effortlessly!. How to put on and take off the dog harness – Quick Tutorial.

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How To Put On A dog harness: harnesses are sometimes useful to protect your dog. Your guide is going to show you the proper way to put on a harness on your dog, and give you some quick tips on remembering the right way to do it.

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How do I put the Step-in Harness on my dog? Have your dog step into the harness and then bring the harness over the shoulders so that the buckle clips on the shoulders on the dog’s back. You should have the two back pieces coming up from under the dog and directly behind the dog’s two front legs.

Helpful Review: “This is a fantastic harness for our very high-energy, very excitable 5-month, 40-pound German Shepherd. It’s easy to put on her and can. style excellent elite spanker dog harness.