Thumann’s All-American Hot Dogs have become deli favorites everywhere. From our most popular natural casing pork and beef franks to our deep fryers, Thumann’s sets the standard for wholesome and consistent quality. Whether it’s our cocktail franks or our delicious knockwurst, there is a size and style to match every need.

thumann’s hot dogs My partner and I are considering starting to ship Thumann’s Hot Dogs Nationwide. We have been a Thumann’s Distributor for 30 years. I am asking the forum’s opinion on whether you guys think its a good idea!! We actually will be able to ship anything Thumann’s and also New Jersey favorites Trenton and Taylor Pork Roll.

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Some like the tougher casing. I still think Boars Head makes one of the 5 or so best all beef dogs. One other difference between Thumanns and most other hot dog producers is that Thumanns does not employ a technique called vacuum chopping where the meat is cut and air is sucked out making a more tightly packed product.

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Thumann’s Natural Casing Beef Hot dogs january 26, 2012 BurgerDogBoy Hot Dogs , Hot off the Grill , Sausage 0 I had my cap set on some natural casing hot dogs the other day; after all, I had just received a new shipment of Skyline Chili in the post, and I needed something to slather it on!

I’m originally from N.J., but have lived in Florida for the past 13 years. I have searched many deli’s for Thuman Hot Dogs, and have yet to find any. Every BBQ I’ve been to up north has had Thumans. I’m not sure if they’re strictly a Northern thing. But if anyone knows where I can buy them here in Florida, I would greatly appreciate it.

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