Different Irish dog breeds are often trained to do specific jobs from hunting game to herding sheep or cattle. Some are used as security against intruders or predatory animals in the wild, while many are enjoyed as companions in the home. Whatever the reason, Irish dog breeds play an important role for Ireland.

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Love Large Dog Breeds? The Irish Wolfhound. There is a little competition (or confusion) about whether Great Danes or Irish Wolfhounds are the largest dog breed in the world. Zeus the Great Dane, has the record of being the world’s tallest dog.

And this Irish dog breeds list will give you the basics of each. Glen Of Imaal Terrier. The Glen of Imaal Terrier was developed as a fox and badger hunting dog. It’s a small and compact dog that was bred to work. In fact it’s often considered to be a big dog in a small dog’s body.

Native Breeds of Ireland. There are nine Native Dogs of Ireland, two Hounds – Irish Wolfhound and Kerry Beagle, three Gundogs – Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Red Setter and Irish Red & White Setter, four Terriers – Irish Terrier, Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier.

9 irish dog breeds 1. glen of Imaal Terrier. 2. Irish Red and White Setter. 3. Irish Setters. 4. Irish Terriers. 5. Irish Water Spaniel. 6. Irish wolfhounds. 7. kerry beagle. 8. Kerry Blue Terrier. 9. Wheaten Terrier.

Ireland is known for its broad range of cultural heritage but for us at tails.com, our favourite thing about the Emerald Isle is its variety of dog.

As previously mentioned, the Irish Wolfhound is the largest of not only the nine Irish dog breeds but of dog breeds in general! A very large irish dog, the Irish Wolfhound stands up to 32 inches tall and can weigh a whopping 120 pounds!

The Irish Doodle is one of the newest designer dog breeds. As it is the case with most of these dogs, the Irish Setter and Poodle mix also doesn’t have much of a history to speak of. Or at least they don’t have a well documented history. intentionally bred crossbreeds are still somewhat of a novelty in the world of canines.

as the breeds were related. Indeed, there had been speculation that the Scottish deerhound was a descendant of the Irish wolfhound and that, hence, there was common blood. Following years of breeding.