40 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds Just Waiting to Be Your Friend – 40 Top Medium-Sized Dogs. The official dog of South Carolina, this Southern spaniel stays true to its roots as a hunting companion. Besides keen swimming abilities, they’re eager, energetic, and (of course) endearing. This ancient breed dates back to the Viking age, when they helped hunt elk, bear, and other wild animals.

which dog breeds are the most quiet 15 Most Quiet Dog Breeds For Apartment Life. – Not every dog is suitable for living in an apartment, mostly due to their loud barking. Find out the most quiet dog breeds perfect for apartment life.

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Laid-Back Dog Breeds : Dog Breed Selector : Animal Planet – Laid-Back Dog Breeds. While temperament will vary from dog to dog, some breeds have a reputation of being more laid-back than others. If you’re looking for a companion who’s a little more reserved, here are a few laid-back dog breeds that may fit the bill.

what are the most dangerous dog breeds in the world what are the best dog foods for large breeds 15 Best Dog Foods for Large Dogs Updated for 2019 – Large-breed dogs need a diet high in protein but limited in fat and calories. Read on to see our top picks for the best dog food for large dogs in 2019.

What Is the Difference between Medium and Large Breed Dogs? – It's easy to look at a Great Dane and know he's a large dog and to see a Yorkshire terrier and know she's a small dog. But when dogs can.

Top Three of Small to Medium Dog Breeds For Families – Maltese terrier is one of the most popular small to medium dog breeds which are known to be quite friendly on not shedding its fur all over the house. Blessed with white coats, they are also playful and faithful to their owner.

what small dog breeds are non-shedding 25 Dogs That Don't Shed | Non Shedding Dogs (Small | Large. – Still, other people are left wondering whether or not there are dogs that don’t shed. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to come across any dogs that don’t shed at all. However, there are dogs that shed so little that their parents are shocked to find the occasional, errant hair on their sleeve or the sofa.

Best Family Dog Breeds – List of 90+ Family Dogs – Dog Breeds list. cat breeds list. Home All Breeds Breeds Quiz. Search. Size Smallest Small Medium Large Giant characteristics hypoallergenic fluffy Best family Smartest Best guard Kid friendly Best watch Easy to train Low shedding color white black blue brown Red

Small to Medium sized Dog Breeds (20-40lbs / 9-18kg) – Small to medium sized dogs can make ideal companions as they are easy to handle, house and feed, while being larger than small dogs and therefore robust enough for more physical activities, such as jogging. American Eskimo Dog. Available also in other sizes, this American bred dog was never actually used by the Eskimos! American Water Spaniel

List of Medium-Sized Dog Breeds – Medium Dog Breeds – Medium-Sized Dog Breeds. This is a list of medium dog breeds. They're bigger than the small dog breeds but smaller than the large dog breeds. American.