The tenant reported seeing a man fleeing the scene and a dog. the apartment was clear, and called for an ambulance, according to scanner chatter. He noted that the crime scene extended out into the.

The apartment also comes with a balcony. Good news for animal lovers: Both dogs and cats are welcome here. Look out for a $150 pet deposit. Per walk score ratings, the surrounding area is.

Many dogs do just fine living in apartments. Check out this list of breeds who are well-suited to apartment living, including some surprises, like Greyhounds and.

Whether you're in a cramped high-rise condo or a teeny-tiny bungalow, these easygoing breeds will fit right in. Here are the best dogs for apartments and other .

Luckily for dog lovers, living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a dog. It's all about selecting the right breed that fits your urban.

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 · The best big dogs for apartments tend to be the mellowest breeds-just as you might have guessed. They can thrive in small spaces because, in spite of.

In choosing the best dog breed for your apartment, there are many factors to consider. Of course, you should choose a dog that matches your personality and activity interests, but there are factors specific to apartment life that can help you determine if the dog breed will match your lifestyle. In.

 · The Bull Terrier is one of the best small guard dogs for apartments because of his background – these dogs were bred originally for pit sports. It really wasn’t all that long ago that people would, for instance, fill a pit with rats, toss in a Bull Terrier, and then take bets on how many rats the dog could kill within a certain period of time.

These dogs all adapt easily to life in a small apartment or condo.. A dog can be your best friend, whether you live in a suburban house or city.

Building amenities include secured entry and on-site laundry. The apartment also features a dishwasher, hardwood floors and a walk-in closet. Luckily for pet owners, both dogs and cats are welcome.

The best apartment dogs come in all different shapes and sizes-from the tall Great Dane to a sweet little Shih Tzu. So, if you're ready to get a.