Some pups were bred for speed; others are better suited to a slow and steady pace. Learn the best types of dogs for runners.

Whether you're a 1-mile jogger or marathon junkie, here's a list of breeds that are "pawfect" for. The following dogs are great for short- to mid-distance runs.

Looking for the perfect canine running companion. dog into account, not just breed statistics, when planning your runs together. Consider athletic ability along with mental needs and personality.

NOTE: this is not a comprehensive list and any individual dog could potentially make a great running companion. so it’s best to stick to soft trails for long distances. With its sleek, red coat,

With a natural instinct for retrieving, these dogs make for the ideal hunting companions. intelligent of the breeds. This dog loves having a job to do, says the American Kennel Club, so keep it.

2017-03-23  · Which are all things that can probably be said for every retriever breed. They’re also incredibly smart, easy to train, and are arguably more versatile than any other dog out there. If you’re not just looking for a running dog, but an all-around animal companion, this is likely the breed.

Having a dog in the home can be enormously beneficial for your small child. Not only are dogs proven to reduce the likelihood of allergies and other illnesses, but they also provide a lifetime.

Dog Breeds That Could Make Good Running Companions. It's widely known that running is a great cardiovascular exercise for humans, but.

2017-01-26  · Mixed breeds that you find at your local animal shelter can also be the best running partners you can find. Almost anything with a hint of one of the 20 breeds listed below could be ideal. While there will always be variation within breeds and individual dogs, we hope this list can help you find an ideal running companion. Weimaraners

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2013-04-18  · The 20 Best Dog Breeds for Runners If you’re looking for a new running companion, these 20 dog breeds are the best of the best. The ideal running-dog companion is low-maintenance and obedient, with energy and endurance. (Photo: Tatiana Katsai/Shutterstock) Erin Berger.

Are you a runner who wants a canine buddy running alongside you? Find out about the dog breeds that make suitable running companions.