The English Springer Spaniel is a precious face, people-pleasing breed. They’re a relatively healthy breed comparatively, rarely suffering from any serious health issues. english springer spaniels commonly live between 12 to 14 years.

The Bichon Frise is a generally healthy breed, and those health conditions that are prevalent within these dogs are not life-threatening.

Healthiest Dog Breeds Home Dog Categories Healthiest Dog Breeds . Owning a dog is a big responsibility, owners need to be able to look after it for however long it is with them. That includes its medical care and making choices for the good of its health.

(CNN) — This decade is off to a paws-itive start, with the recognition of two new dog breeds by the American Kennel Club.

Although it's not definitive, certain breeds are known to have longer lifespans than others. These dogs may be the healthiest because of their.

#7 – Belgian Malinois. It’s no surprise that the Belgian Malinois, arguably the most versatile working dog in the world, has an impeccable health record. Bred almost entirely for performance, these dogs lack the usual ailments found in most other working breeds.

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Scottish Terriers are overall a healthy breed. Learn more about Scottish Terriers. Don’t forget to check your area for Scottish Terrier rescues for dogs and puppies. 15. Shiba Inu

Pharaoh Hound. The Pharaoh Hound is not as well-known as some of the other breeds, but they are known to be one of the healthiest dog breeds. Pooches in this ancient breed do well in the extreme heat, but are not made for colder climates. They are desert dogs and still prefer to live that way.

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Although it's nearly impossible to predict which breed of dog will live the longest or be the healthiest, there are certain breeds that seem to have lower instances.

Tthe American Kennel Club recently announced that the Barbet and the Dogo Argentino were officially joining their registry as.

Certain dog breeds are prone to health issues that can be hard to care for. Here are the 20 healthiest dog breeds if you're looking to adopt a new pup.

A big question that comes to mind when you are considering getting a dog is "what breed of dog is the healthiest?" And while it is a complicated question with no guarantees, there are some breeds that seem to encounter fewer health issues than others.