All dogs are different, but in general, these are the dog breeds most likely to get along with cats. 1. Labrador Retriever. Labs tend to be tolerant of most people and animals. even cats. They’re eager to please, and full of ruv. 2. Pomeranian. About the same size as a cat, a Pom might mistake a kitty for one of its own. Well, probably not.

With the right breed choice, there’s no need to worry about aggressive behaviors, wild chases or fights. If you’ve been on the fence with your decision to bring home a new BFF because you aren’t sure whether that could cause an issue with your friendly feline, pay close attention to this list. It’s sure to clear up any concern you may have. The Best Breeds For A Home With cats. 1. golden retriever 2. Bichon Fris 3. Labrador Retriever 4.

The papillon and a dog-friendly feline can become like two peas in a pod. This butterfly-eared pup enjoys constant company, whether it’s a human, dog or kitty cat. Next: Pomeranian

What are the best Dogs With Cats Although, there are plenty of dogs that get along just fine with their kitty counterparts, there are some breeds that just seem to have a higher tolerance (or even love) for the feline species.

Whatever your disposition is, there’s a dog breed out there (or maybe more than one) that fits your zodiac sign’s personality best. And because of this, that breed of dog is probably the best dog for.

13 Best Dogs for Cats 1. labrador retriever. easily one of the best neighbors for a cat is a Labrador Retriever. 2. Beagle. Although the Beagle is a hunting dog, they are an exception due to their friendly. 3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The King Charles is a favorite of the Queen. 4..

We all know that dogs and cats can happily coexist under the same roof and even become best buddies, debunking the common belief that canines and felines hate each other. That being said, we have to face the truth and admit that some dog breeds were simply not meant to share their lives with cats.

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If you already have cats and want to add a dog to your household, there’s no question some breeds do better with felines than others. While not every dog of a supposedly cat-friendly breed will accept every cat, your odds are better that the animals eventually will get along.