Eye discharge in dogs is a symptom rather than a disease itself, and has a variety of causes. Eye discharge may be clear and runny, or it may be green/yellow.

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“This means that it can be caused by a variety of ocular disorders. Common causes of dog eye discharge include ulcers, entropion,

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If you're reading while eating, here's your warning: we're about to get into the sometimes icky details about the causes of eye discharge. Read on for more- plus.

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Let's take a look at five common types of dog eye discharge and what you. and glaucoma (increased eye pressure) are common causes of epiphora in dogs.

Learn more from WebMD about eye discharge in dogs, including causes, what to look for, and when to call the vet.

You're not alone. What are they, exactly? Well, doggie eye boogers are just eye discharge, and it's very common in dogs. The main causes of dog eye boogers.

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