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So although there are some clear similarities in some of these breeds, no one has been able to determine exactly why these breeds have tongue spots while the rest of the canine breed doesn’t. Here’s a list of the 38 dog breeds known to have spotted tongues: australian cattle dog; australian shepherd; aeirdale; Akita; Belgian Sheepdog; Belgian Tervuren

Here goes the most famous dog breed chow chow. They have blue black tongue. A common misbelief is that the Chow is secretly spreading these spots. There may be black, pink and blue spots available in your dog. In general, you will see dogs with black tongues. What is responsible for spotted dog tongue? Most importantly, this is nothing beyond a.

Most dogs have pink tongues, just like their owners do, but some dogs have blue, black or even spotted tongues. There are between 30 and 40 breeds of dog that develop tongue spots . (Photo via.

A few other animals have black tongues, too: the giraffe, polar bear, and several breeds of cattle including the Jersey. We also know that blue-black spots on tongues are very common in dogs – more than 30 pure breeds are known to have members with spotted tongues.

Any breed can have a tongue with dark pigment that ranges from blue to black in color, however there are some breeds that are more prone to it. Some have tongues that are entirely black with little to no pink and some have varying degrees of spots and patches. The blue/black on a dog’s tongue are areas containing extra pigment.

So, a black spot on your Labrador’s tongue does not mean he’s really a Chow mix. Believe it or not. Chow puppies’ tongues are pink at birth. They darken to blue-black by 8-10 weeks of age. Source . Pure Breed Dogs With Black Spots On The Tongue. Truth be told, more than 30 pure breeds of dog are known to have members with spotted.

The Chow Chow is required to have a blue/black tongue, but many other breeds/mixes can have blue or black spots on the tongue. My Border Collie-mix has them, and there is no indication of Chow in.