what are family dog breeds

Of the large breed dogs, the hair coats are curly, flowing and straight, wiry and rough, and nearly hairless. The standard poodle, portuguese water dog and Irish water spaniel possess curly hair coats. The bearded collie grows a flowing straight coat. wiry rough coats can be found in the airedale and giant schnauzer.

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There is not a specific breed that I know of that has that long haired stripe on their back, but if the dog is a mix of long and short hair types, it could occur. Some breeds who have a mane of hair due to their long haired coat would be Pomeranian, Papillon, long haired Chihuahua, or Shetland Sheepdog ( but they are bigger)

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Some dogs have silky coats that are closer in texture to human hair than fur. Ask your dog groomer what type of coat your dog has if you're not.

The fur of medium coated dogs falls in between. If they have an undercoat, the top coat may stand away from the body, giving them a slightly.

Best Answer: some dogs’ coats are naturally crimped-looking all over (such as the wavy-coated retriever) if a dog like a flat-coated golden retriever is mixed with a wavy-coated retriever, or retains some alleles from a parent who was mixed with the wavy coat, the dog will have the features and build like a flat-coated retriever but have some wavy.

best dog breeds who dont shed This means that the chances of an allergic reaction with dog breeds that don’t shed can be less for some people. 2 So these dogs can be a great choice if you’re concerned about allergies. However, everybody’s immune system is different so the best thing you can do is spend some time with that breed of dog you’re looking at before you.