Easygoing and loving, ragdoll cats are one of the largest cat breeds and also one of the most affectionate, often referred to as "puppy-cats" because of their dog-like personality. The ragdoll cat is particularly good with other pets and is easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, such as playing fetch, rolling over or begging. 9.

Lunad, most yellow Labs are okay, and of course most Golden Retrievers are also good dogs with cats. Many breeds do okay if the dog meets the cat while still a puppy, and since your Tortoiseshell is older there should be no problems.

Whippet. As a matter of fact, they still compete in dog races and can even outshine greyhounds. They are wonderful family companions, and even get along great with kids (if there’s no rough play involved, of course), but whippets’ inherent behavior is to chase after small animals, cats included.

Whether you have another dog, a cat or other animals in your home, it's important to ensure the next dog you bring into your family gets along well with other.

The perfect dog breed depends on the person, but when it comes to finding one that’s not too large, not too small, but juuust right, these cuddly, medium-sized dog breeds have you covered. They.

Many dogs love their feline "sibling" but will go after a strange cat.) There are also dogs who are afraid of cats. This is fun for the cat but maybe not so much for the dog. Then there are dogs who annoy, chase, and torment cats. This is the type of dog you really don’t want if you have a cat in your household.

Typically, the true nature of this dog is that of a race dog that is good at chasing small furry animals including house cats. If you are a pet owner who is looking to bring cats and dogs into your home to become a part of your family, you will need to make sure that you are doing your research well in advance.

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Do you already have a feline but want to add a canine companion to your household? These breeds are generally known for being good with cats. However, remember these are just generalizations and there are exceptions to every rule. Be sure you take care and properly (slowly) introduce your dog.