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Ten Reasons Why Dogs Sneeze. March 30, 2019 august 28, 2016 by Adrienne Farricelli. Tweet . Sneezing is a forceful expulsion of air from the dog’s lungs through the nose and mouth. There are several reasons that cause sneezing in dogs, but they might not always be quite obvious. An occasional.

Irritation to the nasal passages (e.g., a snout-full of dust) causes "regular" sneezing. Irritation to the nasopharynx (the area that lies behind the nasal cavities and above the soft palate) causes dogs to "reverse" sneeze. You don’t panic every time your pet sneezes. Similarly, the occasional episode of reverse sneezing is perfectly normal.

Our dogs don’t usually sneeze for the same reasons we do, for example, as a result of allergies or a cold Common causes of persistent sneezing in dogs include foreign bodies in the nose (including foxtails), nasal Aspergillus infections, nasal mites, and nasal tumors

Many dog breeds do this. The reason for the sneeze is to let you know that they are playing. Dogs sneeze when they play with one another to show that they are being playful, and not serious.

Sneezing isn’t as common in dogs as it is in humans, as we react differently to certain ailments. While humans sneeze because of allergies, colds, sinus issues, and even an itchy nose from dust or dryness, dogs are more likely to react to these ailments through their skin.

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Dog sneezing is a symptom, not an illness by itself. So instead of just using drugs to suppress the symptom, it is important to find out and deal with the underlying cause that makes your dog sneeze. There are also natural remedies that can be used to ease sneezing and boost the immune system. What Does It Means When Your Dog Sneezes A Lot.

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