Why does my dog’s breath smell like fish? If you can’t pinpoint the problem to something as simple as your dog’s excessive bum nibbling or its diet, the cause might be more worrisome. Some speculate that bad doggy breath, with a hint of a fishy smell, can be sign of kidney or liver failure.

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Usually a fishy smell could be the dog’s anal glands that need to be released. Depending on the smell, it could be something more serious like a yeast infection, but either way, I recommend taking your dog to the Vet to check it out!

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Thanks for the questionCustomer The answer here is really simple, this strong odour is likely to be coming from your dog’s anal glands which are also called scent glands. This is the same glands that the skunk has and it their job to produce a very strong smell now and again and it is described as " fishy ".

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Why Does My Female Puppy Smell Like Fish? The fishy smell that both female and male puppies excrete is often an indication that the anal glands are backed up. Backed up anal glands are a common occurrence in many dogs. The fishy odor is caused by the discharge produced in the anal glands.