Parasites can cause itching around your dog’s anus, which leads to scooting on the floor. Your dog should take a monthly parasite preventative that prevents heartworms and most types of worms. Even if your dog is on a preventative, there is a chance they could contract a parasite.

Because of the burning and itching, dogs feel the need to scoot their butt across the floor for comfort. Bladder or urinary tract infections (UTIs) in dogs can also cause scooting behaviors. yeast infections may also result when your dog has other infections or rashes.

How can I stop my dogs from scooting / dragging their butts? Ask Question. Continue to gently rub and lightly squeeze until you feel like there’s not much left. Then, try again because there will be some left.. Gently wipe the dog butt clean with tissues. Wet some tissues down and do it again.

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Scooting refers to a dog dragging and rubbing his bum on the floor. When a dog is scooting, you can see that his hind legs are extended in front of him as he drags himself forward and slides across the floor on his bottom.

Scooting, which is a polite way of describing the behavior of a pet who’s dragging his furry backside across the floor, is typically associated with dogs rather than cats. And while scooting is indeed much more common in dogs, occasionally a kitty will also scoot:

Dogs drag their butts on the ground as a way to relieve the problem. Veterinarians may have to lance or squeeze the sacs to relieve buildup of fluids, or may recommend increased fiber in your dog’s diet or applying hot compresses to ease the pressure there.

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